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Salvia Dragon 10x is Made From The Two Most Powerful Entheogen Plants On Earth - Salvia Divinorum and Calea Zecatechichi.

Salvia Dragon 10x is made from a extremely potent entheogen sage found in the remote mountainous region of Mexico. The use of this sage to effectively induce out of body experiences has dated back more than 500 years to the times of the Aztec shaman.  This is of course where it gets its name, "The Sage of Diviners" or "Diviner's Sage".

How Exactly is Salvia Dragon 10x Made?

"Diviner's Sage" is the main ingredient in the Saliva Dragon 10x extract.  We take the active ingredient, Divinorum-A/B and extract these crystals from the plant leaves themselves.

Saliva Dragon 10x is uniquely powerful for many reasons.  Normally only found in the mountain regions of Oaxaca Mexico, we found a willing Mexican supplier and imported into the US.  We take this rare supply of powerful plant leaves and improved upon it...

Using some chemistry, they were able to take a large quantity of the plant and extract all the active ingredients.  On the norm, it takes about 12-16 full grown leaves to produce one gram (2-3 doses) of extract - the process looks likes this:

The Divinorin A/B Crystal Extraction Process
(More information on the science, articles and botany of the
Salvia Divinorum plant can be found here.)

First, the leaves are treated and cleaned.  Next, using some chemistry all the active ingredients (Divinorin-A and Divinorin-B) are extracted from the plant, this process alone takes 3 weeks of patience.  Then the liquid extraction is boiled down to an even more dense substance.  Finally, it's painted on Saliva leaves, crushed (to increase surface area) and bottled into liquid dram vials to preserve freshness.

What's so special about this extract?  Put simply the extraction process means YOU are over 10x times more likely to induce an out of body experience by using Saliva Dragon 10x than if you were to use the classic "Sage of Diviners" by itself.

Salvia Dragon 10x Contains 10% of "The Dream Herb"

This is what makes Salvia Dragon 10x truly unique from other Salvia Divinorum extracts and products.  Every bottle of extract includes approx. 10% of Calea Zacatechichi (Dream Herb/Leaf of God) is a plant used by the Chontal Indians of Mexico to obtain divinatory messages through dreaming.

Typically used to induce vivid dreams during sleep, when taken with Salvia it enhances the calming and visionary qualities of the plant.  If salvia was the Male, Celea would be the female and they marry up to make the perfect couple.

And Quantities Are Always Limited...

Our Mexican supplier can only provide so much at a time, and once we get it it takes always three weeks to extract the active ingredients it takes to make more Salvia Dragon 10x.  For this reason, quantities of Salvia Dragon 10x are always extremely limited.  To check our current availability Buy Saliva Here...

  • Salvia Dragon 10x is an Exclusive Product - not found anywhere else on the planet except on this very website.

Smokin' Salvia Dragon

The original form of Lucid Dragon, or "Diviners Sage", was typically by chewed like chewing tobacco.  Tribal shaman and witch doctors also chose to smoke it and drink it as a tea. 

In modern times, chewing and smoking are still considered best of all.  Due to the mild smoke, even non-smokers can easily take a puff of Salvia Dragon 10x without experiencing coughing or respiratory discomfort.  Users say it's much less harsh then a cigarette when smoked.

Since the duration of the experience has feel like hours, but actually only be 15-20 minutes, the quicker the active ingredients reach the body the better. 

Salvia Can Also Be Made Into a Tea or Chewed

For those who prefer to chew the Salvia Dragon Extract, the taste is bit tart at first, then turns to sweet as the plants active ingredients are ingested and mixed with the enzymes contained in the saliva.

Tea drinkers can almost infuse the extract into distilled water, heat, and drink with lemon juice in a tea.  Warm lemon juice tea is a proven metabolism enhancer.  This combined with the Saliva Dragon 10x extract helps introduce the active ingredients into the body and mind quicker to induce the experience more rapidly.

FAQ's for Salvia Dragon & Salvia Divinorum

Q: How long does the experience last?

A: Briefly I talk about how to sustain the experience longer and more vividly below by not wasting your creative force, or sexual energies.  However, the induction of the astral experience will be almost instant -- and will last for what feels like hours.  However the typical physical time which passes from the dive into the astral to the immersion out is 15-20 minutes.

Q: What Is The Astral World Like?

A: The experience page tells much more about this.  How do you describe a world in a few short words?  By the way it feels...

Here we can all agree being pricked with a pin is physically painful.  Our nerves detect a painful shocking sensation, this is undeniable and verifiable by everyone with a body.  In the Astral, we do not feel physical pain...

Feelings are also felt on the astral without the gross harshness of physical pain.  Instead of feeling the physical shock of a needle prick, you'll feel the emotional discomfort of such an experience instead.  Likewise with pleasure, joy, peace and love (which are non-physical feelings anyways)!

Q: Is it legal in my country?

A: Luckily the only country that has outlawed the most powerful enthogen plant in existence is Australia!  So unless you live in the land down under, you are totally clear to order.

Q: What if I don't want to smoke it, can I eat it?

A: Sure can!  Often the most potent effects come when it's smoked.  However, one can still eat it and see results.  Not only can it be eaten, but we also include instructions which will inform you on how to make Salvia Dragon 10x can be made into a tea as well!  However, we do encourage that it be smoked instead of eaten as smoking it tends to have more of an effect.  

Q: Will it show up in a urine test?

A: Absolutely not.  Not even a 17 panel urine analysis will reveal any use of Salvia Dragon 10x.  And even if it did, Salvia Dragon 10x is 100% legal, so no worries.  A few of the users have been in the military at the time of use and have never reported a ill effect from a drug test after using Salvia Dragon 10x.

Q: Is smoking it dangerous?

A: Smoking Salvia Dragon 10x is far less harmful on your lungs then cannabis or tobacco smoke.  People report the Salvia Dragon 10x extract to be very smooth and un-harsh on the lungs.  As a general statement, a entire dose of Lucid Dragon is less harmful on your body/lungs then a single drag of a cigarette.

Q: Do I need a sitter?

A: Sure!  Have a Salvia Dragon 10x Pow-Wow.  Get all your friends together and marvel at the experience together.  While I do suggest you have a sitter present, it is not required.  Leave your body alone or in a group, choice is yours.

  • Working almost instantaneously, Salvia Dragon 10x acts as a Astral Projection/Diviniation/Spiritual Development Tool!
  • It's 100% Safe, 100% Legal and 100% Non-Habit Forming!
  • The Aztec shaman have used the first form of Salvia Dragon 10x for over 500 years in their communication with spirits and entities on the astral plane for healing, divination and spiritual purposes.
  • It  is not a hallucinogen, it's actually composed from two of the most powerful entheogen herbs on the planet!
  • Salvia Dragon 10x is still brand spankin' NEW being first released in Oct. 2004!
  • SalviaDragon.com now has over 5,700 Customers Celebrated and growing everyday!

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Salvia Extract and Usage

Salvia Divinorum, also known as the Diviner's Sage, is an herb from which the popular salvia extract came from. It contains an active chemical agent named Salvanorin A which is used to induce certain hallucinogenic visions and experiences. All Salvia extracts come from our organic farms in Mexico. We carry various salvia dosages including Salvia 10x, 20x, 40x and 80x. These refer to the degree of salvia extract potency, all standardized under our careful monitoring process. Experienced users will notice the superb taste and experience compared to what other sellers have to offer. It contains over 900 different subscriptions of active substances such as Salvanorin A and B. While many other plants are known to scholars and herbalists to possess fantastic, therapeutic, and cleansing attributes, only Salvia Divinorum is known to provide the certainty of uplifting and mind-altering effects that many spiritual journey-seekers are looking for.

Salvanorin A is the reason of the psychedelic experiences felt by salvia extract users. Salvanorin A is not chemically related to other known psychoactive substances and is not an alkaloid. True Salvanorin A found in our products is extremely potent, but it does not harm the body. A medicine of minor dose of hundred micrograms (1/1,000,000th gram) can provide you with full effects on every puff. Toxicological studies show that Salvanorin A on salvia extract is non-toxic; not because of its low dosage level but because it is a completely natural substance.

We would like to introduce you to our Salvia Dragon 10x; containing "The Dream Herb", mixed with salvia extract that makes it unique to other products online. It is from a plant used by the Mazatec Shamans in Mexico to obtain divine revelations and messages called Calea Zacatechichi (known as Dream Herb / Leaf of God). It is mixed with the perfect concentration of 10x, thus making our salvia extract the most sought after product on the internet.

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