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FREE ASTRAL PROJECTION CD-ROM  "The Official Astral Induction" CD Rom used to sold for $30-$50 but we'd like to give it away for free as our gift to you.  Utilizing advanced binaural beat technology (brain wave generation) this track includes 10 minutes of induced relaxation followed by 10 minutes of theta wave immersion. 

Over 35,000 visitors have enjoyed this introduction to astral world.  Listen to a 32 second sample... just press play to hear a sample!



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"Salvia Divinorum Induces Astral Projection,
Divination and Enhances Spiritual
Growth - Instantly!"

But First, What You Need To Know About Salvia...

Salvia is also known by the Aztec Shaman as "Diviners Sage" or Salvia Divinorum. Shaman have used the leafs of the of this plant for hundreds of years to successfully induce out of body experiences, astral projection, divination and enhance spiritual development.

Today, in the 21st century, Salvia Dragon is still surging in popularity!  Thousands of people have tried the original form of Salvia. But now there's something better than what they user...

It's called Salvia Dragon and it's 10x more powerful than Salvia Divinorum alone.  Not only is it 10x stronger than Salvia alone, but it also contains what is known as "The Dream Herb" or "Leaf of God".

That means you are 10x more likely to experience spiritual phenomenoa with Saliva Dragon 10x than with ordinary salvia divinorum or salvia extracts alone.  Just read some of our testimonials to see for yourself.

Salvia Dragon users report experiences such as:

  • Leaving Their Body & Traveling in The Astral World
  • Lucid Out of Body Experiences
  • Traveling Back or Forward in Time
  • Feeling Weightless and Flying Over the Astral Landscape
  • Seeing or Feeling Through Another Beings Perspective
  • Finding Hidden Answers and Secret Knowledge
  • Meeting Entities And Other Non-Physical Beings
  • A Feeling of Oneness and Peace With The Universe
  • Finding Answers to Life's Hard Questions
  • And Many More...

Salvia Dragon gives it's users a permanent mind altering change in perception.  It's not a "high" that one experiences but rather an opening of a doorway to new knowledge and increased consciousness.

Salvia Dragon Review:

"I had never experienced anything like it before.  I didn't even notice the transition....  I was in my old neighborhood from when I was a child!  With a little jump, I flew up over the roof of my old house and down into the backyard..."

 - Richard D.

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My Story Is Probably Very Similar To Yours...

From: Anthony Fore
Founder of //SalviaDragon.com

"If you have struggled to gain spiritual insight, or induce an out of body experience this could be the most eye-opening letter you will ever read..."

You see, about five years ago I was sitting exactly where you are now.  On the computer, reading about Salvia and it's effects.  The more I read, the more I fell in love with the idea of giving it a try...

I was asking myself, "Could this be the answer I'm looking for?  Could this help me decide what to do with my life... prove there is a spiritual realm?  Or is it just another hoax..."

Most people struggle with their spirituality.  Inducing an out of body experience and confirming the existence of our 'astral body' feels next to impossible!  Everyone knows how important their spirituality is, but they're not sure what to do or how to do it!

So I started looking for insight.  Reading about 'magic' and all sorts of crazy voodoo I wasn't comfortable with.  And then I ran across something called, "The Sage of Diviners".  Not the sage of devils, or drug lords, but the "Sage of Diviners".  I knew I had found something good...

After a few days of hemming and hawing, looking at all the information there was on it (not very much) I decided what heck, and ordered a bag of fresh Salvia Divinorum leaves to try it for myself.

About a week later, a mysterious package arrived on my doorstep...

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  • What is the salvia experience feel like?

  • Is it real - or just a dream?

  • What can I expect to see... hear... feel?

  • Read about the effects of Salvia from other users.

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